A Taste of Spain at Baru

A Taste of Spain at Baru

Baru is that cute, little purple corner store turned bistro on Magazine Street. Chef Edgar Caro’s Latin-inspired restaurant features inspirations from his hometown of Columbia as well as the Caribbean and everywhere in between. From Columbian favorites like carimañola and arepas to lechon Cubano to jerk chicken, the menu is sure to tickle your taste buds.

Experience the Tasting Menu

On the last Thursday of every month, Chef Caro features a small plate sampling of regional dishes from his travels across the globe. This past Thursday, Baru opened up their lovely second floor balcony to accommodate the crowd on a gorgeous evening for a tapas menu of Spanish delicacies.

Guests were invited to sip on a Sangria Roja or Sangria Blanco made with rum and fresh fruit. A third old-fashioned-inspired gin cocktail was also available. Guests filled the seats on the balcony and in the small bar room, conversing and sipping on drinks. Two servers passed trays of tapas around the rooms while a jazz guitarist added ambiance in the background. The vibe was hip and friendly with local influencers and fashionistas smiling at one another.

Coliflor Confitado

The best dish of the night came out first. A caramelized cauliflower battered in a light dusting of flour, served with crema and quicos- or toasted corn nuts- and slivers of green onions. Perfect introduction to the flavors of Spain.

Pan con Tomate

The second tapas to hit our palate was the crostini, a toasted French bread spread with tomato chutney and topped with a slice of marinated tomato, a mini anchovy, and microgreens. It was popping with the flavor of tomato and the saltiness of the anchovy.

Croquetas de Jamón

This was a lovely bite with beautiful plate appeal that we sampled a couple of times. The croquette is a Spanish favorite that can be filled with anything from jamón (ham) to serrano peppers. This version was a perfectly fried doughy pillow filled with creamy cheese and jamón, and topped with green onion aoili and a parsley leaf. Delicately balanced and delicious.

Pintxos de Pollo

Skewers are also popular in Southern Spain carried over from the Moorish occupation of the first millennium. Known as pinchos, these skewers are usually made with chunks of marinated pork and grilled over an open flame. This version was done with marinated chicken and charred just right with small dices of red bell pepper and topped with a chimichurri sauce.

Gambos al Ajillo

The second crostini came on that perfect toasted French Bread, this time topped with a jumbo shrimp lightly fried with thin slivers of fresh garlic and topped with a citrus-gastrique with just the right amount of spice to balance the sweetness. With so much coast surrounding Spain, it’s impossible to miss their wide array of seafood offerings.

Montaditos de Quince

The final tapas to arrive at the table is a Spanish delicacy known as The Monte Cristo or Montaditos. It’s a small sandwich stuffed with membrillo (quince paste) and brie and then either sautéed or grilled panini-style. The bite of sweet jam was a very dessert-like dish to end the night with.

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